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Plan your perfect attack, but don’t forget to defend your arena!

Two arenas full of action!

Skydome has two separated arenas, one for each team. Double down on your towers, defend your control points and keep the enemy troops far from your artifact no matter what!

Troops everywhere!

Troops are your main attacking force. Each with their own set of unique skills, pick the one that’s ideal to your strategy! Choose where they’ll spawn, enhance their stats and change everything in real time. Afterwards watch them spread the chaos in the enemy arena!

Rain down interventions!

Help your Troops progress by striking directly at the enemy defenses: throw traps, confusion or deal a good amount of damage. A well used intervention is the key to victory!

Bring glory to your Tribe!

No matter if you like to go head first, to stay at a safe range or to provide support for your team. In Skydome you’ll find the Champion and the Troops that suit your playstyle — and even adapt them to your strategy throughout the match!

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